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Small format paper scanning services.

Fujitsu M4099 Document Scanner

Small format (Letter/Legal sized) paper documents are scanned using high-speed production scanners. Each scanner is capable of capturing your documents using Bar-code recognition technology. During the preparation process, bar-code sheets are inserted into your document files, folders and document groups. Using automatic batch scanning, your documents are saved into the appropriate folders and an index is created for integration into document management software systems.

Basic and Advanced Document Preparation.


New York Document Scanning ™ service bureau offers both basic and advanced document preparation. Basic Document Preparation is the process of removing stables, paper clips, and bursting documents. Similar to what you would do before putting your documents into an auto-feeding copier. Upon completion of scanning, documents are reassembled into the original order and locations from which they were removed. Reinserted documents will also be prong filed if applicable. Burst documents are reinserted into the folder in the correct order but are not rebound. Other items that may have been attached together by devices such as staples and paper clips are reinserted into the folder in the correct order, but are not reattached. Basic Document Preparation is offered on a per page basis for pre and post preparation services.

Advanced Document Preparation is offered in addition to basic preparation services. Advanced preparation includes reattachment of staples and paperclips, and, document sorting and removal. Advanced Document Preparation is offered on a hourly basis.

Other services include Quality Control (image inspection and random image inspection) and Image Clean-up (deskew, black border removal)

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