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From litigation support to scanning to e-Discovery: Our consultative process is dramatically different than most other consulting firms in the industry, in that our long-term goal is to provide your firm the skills necessary to become autonomous. We believe it is our job to not just consult on your current case, but also train you to be able to more confidently attack your next project with or without us. This approach maximizes your investment and minimizes future costs to both the firm and your clients.

New York Document Scanning is a full service document management and litigation support provider specializing in electronic discovery, scanning, coding, and digital document consulting for TrialDirector, Summation, Sanction II and Concordance and VideoSynch (Transcript & Video Synchronized).


While TrialDirector is designed with ease-of-use in mind, sometimes getting started can be a daunting task. Our Trial Preparation Service will help you develop your case and present you with a trial-ready external hard drive. It's truly a "plug and play" solution.

Send us everything. From hard copies to scanned exhibits, we can handle it all. We start with a brand-new hard drive. We then load all of your standard digital evidence onto this drive and create your case in TrialDirector. For evidence that is still in a non-digital format, i.e. paper or video tapes, we can convert it into a digital format. When our team is finished with your case, you will receive all of your original evidence and a fully loaded external hard drive. It's that simple. All scanning, conversion and synchronization services are available. Additional charges apply.

Summation, Sanction II and Concordance Compliant

Summation, Sanction II and Concordance Compliant, as well as any type of Opticon Load file - small text files that tell the DB's where the docs are

VideoSynch (Transcript & Video Synchronized)

VideoSynch (Transcript & Video Synchronized)- video deposition is synced with the text transcript, you can do word searches and it takes you to the same spot in the video, then you can make and export clips for trial and discovery.

Our Litigation Support Services

New York Document Scanning is a full service provider of litigation support services:

  • Document Coding and Indexing
  • Audio/Video File Conversion
  • VHS to MPEG File Conversion
  • CD/DVD Duplication - I have a couple of duplicating machines
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • EBS (Electronic Bates Stamping)
  • Manual Bates labeling
  • Onsite Scanning
  • Courtroom Trial Presenting
  • Trial Director
  • Rental Equipment
  • PowerPoint Creation
  • Digital Document Consulting
  • Document Management Consulting
  • Reseller of Imaging Software and Equipment
  • VTC (Video Teleconference) capabilities

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