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Adobe PDF Adobe Acrobat Capture software includes a complete toolset for converting electronic files or paper documents into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), ready for distributing on the Web, your corporate intranet, CD-ROM or email. Acrobat Capture software makes it fast and easy to automatically scan and OCR volumes of paper documents for on-line use.

Alchemy Captaris Alchemy gives organizations the power to manage and use all of their fixed content—including images, faxes, email, PDFs, and COLD—throughout the information lifecycle management (ILM) stages, with an integrated and scalable set of tools that are easy to deploy and even easier to use. Alchemy delivers a complete fixed content management system that can grow with an organization’s information management needs, with modules that provide capture, workflow, document management, archiving, records management, integration, retrieval and distribution at a fraction of the cost to acquire and deploy when compared to enterprise content management suites.

Documentum Supplies document management, web content management and digital asset management solutions based on XML.

Bitwise Designs Inc. DocSTAR is the electronic filing system people want to use. It scans paper documents, stores them digitally, and allows them to be retrieved easily without having to be computer literate. Unique features include Two-Tier Storage, which combines RAID plus optical, and AuthentiDate™ image authentication.

Cardiff Software The Cardiff TELEform Information Capture system is used to replace manual data entry with the automated processing of forms and documents. TELEform converts paper into online information for database, XML and content management systems, and allows organizations to apply business rules to clean and verify incoming information. TELEform versions are available to meet the needs of project-based and high-volume Information Capture applications. TELEform can be extended to automate the processing of Internet and email forms with the HTML+Forms and PDF+Forms add-on products, and to implement form merge applications with the AutoMerge Publisher add-on solution.

DocuBase Document Management which incorporates Document Imaging technology to capture, index, manage, store and retrieve information of all types regardless of format or file type whether paper, film or electronic.

FileNET With Document Warehouse, documents and data stored on optical disk in the FileNET system are linked to records in the R/3 system. FileNET's viewer software lets you display images in scalable, resizable windows. You can open multiple windows to display images, data, and text all the information you need right at your fingertips. You can even customize the way you view documents—rotate, stretch, zoom, and scale images for easier viewing.

IBM The IBM Solution for Quick Printers delivers high-quality, black-and-white output by combining electrophotographic print technology with powerful capabilities for print submission, scanning, Raster Image Processing (RIP), and print job and printer management.

Legato High-availability products for managing application and service-level availability within Storage Area Network deployments. Also provides real-time data protection and server availability for various server configurations.

LaserFiche Document imaging and document management software for records management professionals. Manages, stores and retrieves millions of pages across the enterprise. Documents can also be published over the web or via CD. Also provides COLD/ERM and workflow solutions.

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