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What is DXF vs. DWG and Scan to CAD?

The DWG (vs. DXF) format maintains fonts, line weights/colors and other advanced drafting features not supported by the DXF format. Most commercial applications, including all of AutoDesk’s competitors, support DWG as their standard format for AutoCAD. The AutoCAD DWG files can be exchanged with consultants without the need for AutoDesk software. As AutoCAD DWG has become more powerful, supporting more complex object types, DXF has become less useful.

AutoCAD DXF is a CAD format developed by AutoDesk and specifications are published on its website. DXF files are typically 2.5 to 3 times the size of a related DWG file.

PDF portable document format

Many companies convert files to PDF and view with the free Acrobat reader. Many companies in the building and construction industries have chosen PDF as the standard for electronic storage of engineering documents and image files. The PDF format is useful for archival, viewing and printing but the files are not editable. The CAD conversion process is still required to convert PDF files into editable and dimensionally correct CAD format.

Scan to CAD conversion

Scan to cad uses auto-vectorization software programs to convert raster files to vectorized lines, arcs, circles and shapes. Although the scan to CAD process is less expensive than manual re-drafting, the quality is not comparable to manual CAD conversion. Scan to cad conversion produces a drawing that is inaccurate and requires extensive manual labor to cleanup and correct the cad drawing.

Outsourcing is quickly becoming a popular method to convert existing hardcopy (or TIFF) engineering and architectural documents into electronic CAD files. The most reliable method drawing conversion is to manually draft the raster image to cad. Manual CAD conversion is a labor intensive process. An offshore vendor can provide attractive pricing due to lower labor costs and the availability of skilled draftsman to 100% manually draft CAD files to match the original sheets exactly to full-scale, dimensionally accurate, and with CAD layers.

New York Document Scanning ( is a global outsourcing company headquartered in New York, NY and Kolkata, India that employs technicians familiar with architectural or engineering drawings and who can effectively handle such jobs.

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